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déc. 26, 2020
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Eric Olson
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Klavika Font Font

Aujourd'hui, je vais vous présenter la bonne Serif police Klavika Font mise à jour le déc. 26, 2020. 100% gratuit pour le télécharger et l’installer dans le système pour votre Free for Personal Use.

Klavika Font est disponible en tant que polices Free for Personal Use équipées à partir de majuscules, minuscules, numériques, ainsi que de caractères spéciaux et alternatifs.

Klavika Font conviennent très bien aux logos, marques, invitations, articles de papeterie, motifs de mariage, invitations, logos, cartes de visite, couvertures, chemises, publications sur les réseaux sociaux, etc. Il sera également utilisé pour créer une image géniale, un texte avec différents types de couleurs et du texte.

utilisez donc le bouton de téléchargement ci-dessous et obtenez le Klavika Font dans votre fenêtre, Mac ou Android, sous la forme du OTF .

Comment installer une police de caractères

Vous devez extraire les polices du fichier ZIP ou RAR avant de les installer, puis:

Windows 10/8/7 / Vista: faites un clic droit sur le fichier de police et sélectionnez Installer.

Mac OS X: double-cliquez sur le fichier de police. Cliquez sur le bouton "Installer la police".

Klavika Font Download is available free from Simplyfont. Klavika is a Free Font for personal use created by Eric Olson. Klavika Font is a sans serifs type font that can be used on any device such as PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Introducing Klavika Font Family. Klavika is a flexible family of sans serifs for editorial and identity design. Features such as small caps, true italics, extended language support, and multiple numeral styles make Klavika an ideal workhorse typeface. It is also popular for its use of Facebook’s main logo.

Klavika: A sans for the 21st century

Klavika is a fully specialized serif workhorse for 21st century needs. Indifferent, modern, and infinitely flexible, Klavika follows a highly hybrid typographical path - a combination of humanistic and geometric influences that are not influenced by loyalty. Clear and open shapes optimize fonts to smaller sizes, while linear characters firmly anchor larger settings. Open font features include small caps, old and tabular digits, arrows (Roman only), and style options (G and).

Designing Klavika

Frustrated with the lack of both versatile and modern fonts, we are ready to design Klavika as a fully functional two-it-sans serif for the needs of the 21st century. Our result is a design that is modern, uncluttered, and modernly flexible. To achieve this, Klavika follows a definite hybrid typographical path - a cross between humanitarian and geometric influences without loyalty. Clear and open shapes optimize the font to a smaller size, while straight-line characters anchor headings and ads work stronger. And since relief is part of the goal, we are happy to say that since its inception in 2004, Klavika has gained access to a wide range of media, from print to pixels.

To be truly versatile, a font must be very wide. Klavika has a large number of typographical features and - like our fonts - pays special attention to small caps. They are excellent for symmetry and beginner (among other things) as well as title and performance operations. Particular attention was also paid to the width of the capitals, especially to make them larger, larger, smoother in size, and to add punches to the headers.

Numbers are a typographic feature. Because a varied array of numerals is essential to contemporary communication, Klavika contains multiple styles. You’ll find Lining (the default style), Old Style, Small Cap, Tabular, Tabular Old Style, and Small Cap Tabular numerals for each weight of Klavika – italics included.

If your needs do not match all of these typographical features, Klavika was originally created with you. It is similar to Klavika but without features like small caps, numerous styles, and arrows. If you buy Klavika Basic and later decide to upgrade to a fully equipped Klavika, the purchase price goes straight to the whole family.