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12 26, 2020
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Lemon Milk Pro Font Font

오늘 12 26, 2020 에서 업데이트 된 Lemon Milk Pro Font 이라는 Serif 글꼴을 소개하겠습니다. . 100 % 무료로 다운로드하여 Free for Personal Use 의 시스템에 설치하십시오.

Lemon Milk Pro Font 은 대문자, 소문자, 숫자 및 일부 특수 문자 및 대체 문자로 시작되는 Free for Personal Use 글꼴로 제공됩니다.

Lemon Milk Pro Font 은 로고, 브랜딩, 초대장, 문구, 웨딩 디자인, 초대장, 로고, 명함, 표지, 셔츠, 소셜 미디어 게시물 등에 매우 적합합니다. 또한 다양한 유형의 색상과 텍스트로 멋진 이미지, 텍스트를 만드는 데 사용됩니다.

아래의 다운로드 버튼을 사용하여 창, Mac 또는 Android에서 OTF 형식으로 Lemon Milk Pro Font 을 받으십시오.

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설치하기 전에 ZIP 또는 RAR 파일에서 글꼴을 추출해야합니다.

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Mac OS X : 글꼴 파일을 두 번 클릭하십시오 "글꼴 설치"버튼을 클릭하십시오.

Lemon Milk Pro Font Download is available free from Simplyfont. Lemon Milk Pro is a Free Font for personal use created by Muhammad Ariq Syauqi. Lemon Milk Pro Font is a Techno type font that can be used on any device such as PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Wait no more. Meet Lemon Milk Pro™, your new go-to typeface.

After a long journey, the widely known Lemon Milk has now become pro fonts. It finally has lowercases, covering extended Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek. Moreover, developed from the original version in 2014, it is now future proof: more OpenType features + variable fonts.

With such styles, this famous geometric typeface with sharp edges is perfect for every display!

Lemon Milk Pro: Beyond a typeface, it's a culture.

EMON MILK.otf ver 5.0 (donationware)

Need lowercases of LEMON MILK?

Wait no more! LEMON MILK Pro is available now.

Get LEMON MILK with lowercases, covering extended Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek.

Moreover, it now has 18 fonts + 2 variable fonts ranging from thin to heavy.

Go check https://www.marsnev.com now to learn more.


This version of LEMON MILK is absolutely free for personal, educational, non-profit, or charitable use.

For commercial use, kindly donate me (pay as you want) as an appreciation. If you want to donate, my PayPal address is [email protected]

Every donation is greatly appreciated.

If you need further information,

kindly check my F.A.Q page at http://blog.marsnev.com/p/faq.html

if you cannot get the answers there,

kindly contact me at:

email address: [email protected]

Thanks for being supportive,