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дек 29, 2020
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Sofia Pro Font Font

Сегодня мы собираемся представить хороший Serif шрифт с именем Sofia Pro Font , обновленный в дек 29, 2020. Загрузите и установите его на 100% бесплатно для своего Free for Personal Use Only.

Sofia Pro Font доступно в виде шрифтов Free for Personal Use Only , которые начинаются с заглавных, строчных букв, цифр и некоторых специальных символов и их альтернатив.

Sofia Pro Font очень подходят для логотипов, брендинга, приглашений, канцелярских товаров, свадебных дизайнов, приглашений, логотипов, визиток, обложек, рубашек, постов в социальных сетях и многого другого. Он также будет использоваться для создания потрясающего изображения, текста с различными типами цветов и текста.

, поэтому используйте кнопку загрузки ниже и получите Sofia Pro Font в своем окне, Mac или Android в форме форматирования OTF .

Как установить шрифты

Вам нужно будет извлечь шрифты из файла ZIP или RAR перед их установкой, затем:

Windows 10/8/7 / Vista: Щелкните правой кнопкой мыши файл шрифта и выберите «Установить».

Mac OS X: дважды щелкните файл шрифта. Нажмите кнопку "Установить шрифт".

Continuation is a sans serif font family. Introducing Sofia Pro Font Family! Sofia Pro was designed by Mostardesign. Sofia Pro with its 16 fonts, Sofia is an ideal font family for text, branding, signage, print, and web design creation. You can also use Sofia Pro Condensed family, the ideal companion of the normal style.

Thanks to Mostardesign. This is the free version, only 1 weight (Sofia pro-light). Sofia Pro free for personal use, please visit his store for more other products, and buying fonts support him.

The goal of this new type was to create a sans serif font which gives an impression of both modernism, harmony, and roundness. These nuances give Sofia a harmonious and sensible appearance for both texts and headlines.

This typeface is a complete redesign of Sofia initially designed in 2008. this typeface supports a wide range of languages with more than 500 glyphs. This new version has also more OpenType features like case sensitive forms, small caps, contextual alternatives, stylistic alternates, fractions, proportional and tabular figure.

Sofia Pro is a geometric sans font family that dares the modernism and the harmony of the curves. Created in 2009 and completely redesigned in 2012, it has become over time a popular alphabet and has received many accolades from graphic industry professionals.

It has very rounded curves with very open terminals that makes this font family elegant, friendly and contemporary. Sofia Pro has been designed with a higher x-height than other fonts in its class to make tiny readability more obvious in any use situation. It will be ideal for use in small sizes such as business cards or mobile applications.

This typeface is also equipped with powerful OpenType features to satisfy the most demanding professionals. It has solid features like case sensitivity, small, true capitals, full ligatures, tabular figures for tables, old style figures to elegantly insert numbers into your sentences, circled numbers, and more alternative characters to give personality to your projects. This typeface already has a powerful home kerning system called “Pro Kerning”.

With all its specificities, Sofia Pro is a geometric sans that can meet the needs of professionals who want a family of clean geometric font; elegant with a wide character set for more than 130 languages of Western Europe, Europe Eastern, Central Europe, Greek and Cyrillic for international communication.