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12月 28, 2020
Miller Type Foundry

Uniform Font Font

今天将介绍称为 Uniform Font 的好 Serif 字体,该字体已在 12月 28, 2020 上进行了更新。 。 100%免费下载 Free for Personal Use 并将其安装到系统中。

Uniform Font 可作为 Free for Personal Use 字体使用,从大写,小写,数字和某些特殊字符及其替代字体开始。

Uniform Font 非常适合徽标,品牌,邀请函,文具,婚礼设计,邀请函,徽标,名片,封面,衬衫,社交媒体帖子等。它还将用于创建令人敬畏的图像,具有各种颜色和文本的文本。

,因此请使用下面的下载按钮,并以 OTF 形式在Windows或Mac或Android窗口中获取 Uniform Font



Windows 10/8/7 / Vista:右键单击字体文件,然后选择“安装”。

Mac OS X:双击字体文件单击“安装字体”按钮。

Uniform is a typeface inspired by sport and industry, designed to allow you a balance of versatility and structure in your designs.

Uniform is a multi-width geometric type family designed around the circle. The O of the Regular width is based on a circle, the O of the Condensed width is based on 1.5 circles stacked (with straight sides)

and the O of the Extra Condensed width is based on two circles stacked with straight sides as well, and all other characters are derived from this initial concept. This unique idea creates a remarkably fresh type of family that bridges the gap between circular geometric typefaces and condensed straight-sided typefaces. Uniform also includes many OpenType features like Old Style Figures, Tabular Lining Figures, Alternate characters, Ligatures, and more.

Uniform was first drawn starting with the Black weight. This careful process allows each character to look consistent and balanced through all weights. As a result, the typeface does not “break down” or lose its form in the boldest weights as many typefaces do.

The three widths of Uniform make an ideal type of family for a host of various uses. From branding to web design, book covers to signage, Uniform is a very versatile solution to complex typographic needs.